Plain coloured enamels

Plain coloured enamels


Discover the coloured epoxy enamels available in several plain and transparent shades.

You can choose one of the colours of the selection or mix two colours to your liking to obtain new customized shades.

When you get the colour you want, hardening shoul be obtained mixing the coloured enamel and the proper catalyst.

Now give vain to your creative expression decorating your products in an original and unique way with the help of enamelling devices.

Lastly place your just decorated object into the oven for drying at 70°C for at least a couple of hours.
If, on the contrary, pieces can not withstand heating, keep them rest in an area protected from dust along more than 24 hours.

At the end of the catalysis you can easily handle the object with no problem.

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The following selection contains a list of codes referring to 30 coating colours and 24 transparent colours.

C184 Coating white T196 * Transparent clear (colourless)
C417 Coating ivory T205 Transparent yellow
C418 Coating beige T268 Transparent cognac
C428 Coating grey T241 Transparent light brown
C195 Coating turquoise T438 Transparent dark red
C285 Coating azure T275 Transparent bordeaux
C375 Coating light blue T244 Transparent pink
C382 Coating medium blue T245 Transparent orange
C189 Coating dark blue T267 Transparent ruby
C239 Coating purple T402 Transparent medium red
C187 Coating cold yellow T475 Transparent dark brown
C188 Coating warm yellow T500 Transparent brown
C284 Coating forest green T258 Transparent light blue 
C186 Coating dark green T211 Transparent blue
C237 Coating pink T408 Transparent dark blue
C427 Coating lilac T242 Transparent purple
C194 Coating orange T207 Transparent light green
C190 Coating red T276 Transparent medium green
C191 Coating ruby T422 Transparent dark green
C192 Coating bordeaux T442 Transparent olive green
C516 Coating mustard T212 Transparent black
C430 Coating coral 
C236 Coating light chestnut
C378 Coating medium chestnut
C229 Coating dark chestnut
C185 Coating black
C811 Coating light green
C812 Coating gold
C813 Coating dark red The underlined colours are included in the Set of enamel tests
   * Available the fluid (T196F) and the thick (T196D) options