Technical specifications    
Power KW 0,1
Tension V 1~ 220
Frequency Hz 50/60
Overall dimensions L cm
D cm
H cm
Weight Kg 4








The dispenser for fluids is a practical device of small dimensions, dedicated to deposit enamels, resins and glues.

The product to be deposited is intoduced into a syringe connected to the dispenser. The material is forced out thanks to the air pressure controlled by a pedal.
Proper pressure adjustment and choice of most appropriate syringes and needles allow that enamelling to be applied precisely and easily at the same time. 

Dispenser can be customized by the following optionals upon request:

- Timer
- Anti-drop device
- Strass-carry device

Instrumentation and controls:
• Pedal to control the flow of air into the syringe
• Air pressure regulator to control dosing speed
• On/Off  switch to exclude timer (if provided)
• Timer regulation from 0 to 6 seconds (if provided)
• Suction intensity regulation on (if provided)