Catalysts for epoxy resins

Catalysts for epoxy resins

Catalysts with different properties as to density, transparency, hardness. Choose the most suitable product to obtain the results you want.

177 - Catalyst for flat surfaces with edges

Extremely bright and fluid catalyst, it flows easily over the surface.

180 - Catalyst for falt surfaces without edges

Bright and colourless catalyst, it can be used to decorate flat objects without edges thanks to its anti-sliding formula.

184 /1 /3 /5 - Catalyst for curved surfacese

Thick catalysts for curved surfaces, they are also a must for fluorescent, neon, mother-of-pearl and metallescent enamels.

209 - Catalyst for polishing flat surfaces

Colourless catalyst of higher hardness: it makes possible to polish the enamel.

850 - Cold-reacting catalyst - for flat surfaces

Cold-reacting thick catalyst: it perfectly catalyses even at room temperature.